Friday, 6 June 2014

Time and Place

There is something ironic and peculiar about having a EURail Pass show up on your desk Monday afternoon at the office you work in. 

It represents a conflict: the only reason I had it delivered to my office in the first place is that UPS can only deliver in business hours. Having business hours of my own to adhere to meant that UPS, myself and my rail pass were always destined to meet here. There were no other possibilities that it could come to me. The time and place were destined to be fixed.

The rail pass itself represents the opposite of that. Flexibility. Freedom. Time and place are not fixed entities, but fluid - as long as I stay within Austria, "Benelux", France and Germany of course.

Three more weeks of fixed, regimented life where the combination of time and space are predetermined. Followed by 42 days where there is no answer for where I am and when I am there. Time and place will melt away into wonderful, free, ethereal bliss.

Or it will be a complete, unmitigated disaster from which I will never recover. But at least I'll have more interesting posts! 

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