Friday, 20 June 2014

Sled Island 2014 - Day 1: A Local Tour of Fuzz Rock & Sex Pop

A few highlights from Day 1 of Sled Island 2014.

Local legend Danny Vacon in the HighKicks at Local 510 parking lot. Always a good sound and one of the local acts where all 200 attendees know all the words. A great show:

Followed up with a short was down to Republik for Catholic Girls, an electron-pop-rock outfit from Calgary. Smooth sound and a up-and-coming name in town:

Highlight of the Night: Mark Mills. If you aren't looking up the next show he plays and skipping whatever work, plans, weddings or funerals you were supposed to go to so you can go see this guy, you're doing it wrong. A one man performance infused with sexy electro-pop beats off his keyboard and IPhone. So much thrusting and gymnastic moves you feel you're getting a work out watching him. Pictures don't do it justice:

This is Mills' finale: straddling the staircase at Republik without missing a beat:

Followed it up with a very new ensemble (this was their 7th show ever) of members of other electronic indie bands called the Operators. Kind of like a electro-indie supergroup.  Definitely approaching new territory with their set, something different that the regular electronic alt-pop beats. Watch for them:

I will be a few days behind posting these but stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. Now off to a big Friday Day 3. 

See you all at Olympic Plaza for Neko Case and the highlight of the festival: Joel Plaskett's return at Flames Central tonight!

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